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Witt Morgan


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 We love to work with interesting and fun people from all backgrounds who love making great music,

creating imaginative artwork, and performing in innovative films and animations, and live on-stage


We get a real kick from supporting every person we work with to achieve their own particular ambition, whether as a professional or as an amateur


With our drive to create extremely high quality, brilliantly entertaining new shows, we give each person we work with the opportunity to explore, stretch & develop, and challenge existing and new skills in the achievement of their own musical and creative potential


In return, we ask each person to give us their best, stretch their creativity and imagination, treat each other with respect, and have an enormous sense of fun!

The people we work with


Professional Singers & Orchestral Players

Christopher Jacklin, Sarah Baillie, Vivien Conacher, Ian Helm,

Jerome Knox, Stephanie Edwards, Felicity Buckland,

Nicholas Buxton, Adam Gilbert, Donna Gallagher, John Milne,

Oskar Palmblad, Dominic Sedgewick, Rachael Cox, Nick Allen,

Flora McIntosh, Becca Marriott, Rosie Clifford, John Findon, David Milner-Pearce, Sylvie Bedouille, Jake Snowdon,

Susan Parkes, Philippa Healey, Ed Hughes, Lucy Roberts,

Patrick Ashcroft, Harriet Kirk, Julien Van Mellaerts,

James Schouten, James Gribble, Hugo Herman Wilson,

Monika Sawa, Jonathan Cooke, and Erica Eloff

Chris Hatton, Amy Furfaro, Phillip Granell, Laura Rickard,

Rachel Barnes, Monika Koscielna, James Wicks,

Elizabeth French, Rosie Moon,  Matt Rainsford, Nigel Shipley, Steve Fawbert, Colin Gray, Martin Proctor, Craig Lutton,

Ben Brooker, Ben Havinden Williams, Harriet Scott,

Marged Hall, and Andy Vickers

Orchestra Band of images

The full company is made up of professional singers and orchestral players

performing alongside one of the South’s most exciting and innovative choruses

If you would like to audition to be one of our paid performers, please send us an email with your CV and a recording of a recent performance to: [email protected]

Professional operatic singers:

Recent shows have included the following performers . . .

Professional orchestral players: