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Witt Morgan


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'The Voyage of The Pelican' XN Magazine April 2015


"It is not often that the audience for a concert in Reading has to queue out of the door. Once inside, the expectant listeners were packed into the pews like sardines to await

The Voyage of the Pelican.  


This was a concert like no other, featuring a multi-media presentation of a dramatic story acted out by silhouettes on a large screen, complemented by fantastic works of art and a high standard of performance by the choir, the professional soloists, and the professional instrumentalists.  


Although consisting of mainly local amateur singers, the sound produced by the 100-strong choir was phenomenal. Singing with confidence and obvious enjoyment, the result was powerful and uplifting, at times resembling an opera chorus."

Reviews on our shows

"We were both absolutely buzzing after the performance! I have never seen the like and it was so beautifully crafted and performed"

"congratulations on

a technical and artistic masterpiece"

"hugely entertaining!"

"was a brilliant concept and the singing was superb"

"such a wonderful and moving show we couldn’t stop talking about it!"

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